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  • coaching staff training
  • player development program
  • teams 6U-17U All skill levels
  • indoor training facility
  • age specific practice plans
  • affordable/monthly team fees
  • professional fundraising support
  • new/partial teams welcome

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213 N Madison, Raymore, MO

frequently Asked questions

q: what if my kid plays multiple sports?

A: we encourage multi-sport athletes. our training program allows kids to play other sports while training when their schedule allows.

Q: how much are fees?

A: fees are dependent on the amount of tournaments a team opts to play. we have proven fundraising strategies that offset majority of team expenses.

Q: do you have paid coaches?

A: yes, we do have options for paid coaches, but we have a training program for coaches to help them run efficient practices while following our player development process.

Q: do you provide off season training?

A: yes, we will have an optional explosiveness training and individual workouts for all wbc members. this will include our off season velocity program.

indoor facility

  • batting cages
  • private lessons
  • camps/classes
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private mentorship

  • mental skills training
  • custom development
  • transformational results
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player development

  • competitive teams
  • black belt academy
  • explosiveness training
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Our mission is to enhance the youth baseball journey for both players and parents, insuring an exceptional and rewarding experiencee. by providing comprehensive resources, valuable guidance, and fostering a positive environment, we aim to create lasting memories and nurture the development of young athletes. Together, we strive to build character, promote sportsmanship, and instill a lifelong love for the game of baseball, setting the foundation for success on and off the field.


I have twenty nine years of coaching experience.I h ave played and coached at the college level, and have been trained as a professional baseball scout. I have authored a hitting book, "a young sluggers guide to hitting", and developed a virtual player development program. My goal is to positivley impact kids through the game of baseball.

At the core of our player development process is a strong emphasis on mastering the fundamentals and building upon that solid foundation. We believe in equipping our players with essential skills that will contribute to their growth both on and off the field. Our training calendar aligns with the competitive season, allowing dedicated athletes to progress further, while also providing opportunities for recreational players to join in throughout the year.

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black belt baseball development program


warm up/arm care




base running


baseball iq

this course will be a monthly membership course centered around total player development. it will be taught in a marshal Arts format, basic skills being taught and mastered before moving up to the next level of drills. this course will make your player a well rounded athlete, who knows the how and why of the skills they are learning.

we have created a training program that will teach players how to take ownership of their own development. we will teach them the importance of preparation, work ethic, and consistent growth. we will take measurements of their skills, abilities, and will update them often. we will be celebrating their accomplishments, growing their self-esteem.

sponsership programs

100% of all sponsership funds will be used to assist students with access to camps/clinics or equipment needs.

Homerun sponser $2500

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Triple sponser $1000

only three available

Double sponser $250


single sponser $100


exclusive 12 month sponser of the athlete, student, or citizen of the week

exclusive 12 month sponser of the athlete, student, or citizen of the month

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12 month sponsership

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Thank you to our Sponsors

coach chris is nothing short of spectacular. His ability to truly connect with players is an amazing thing to witness as a parent. With Coach Chris, it is all about trusting the process and not the Win/Lose record with every passing season. A big part of that process is development. There is no such thing as a perfect player but there is a perfect style of gameplay, which is overcoming and persevering through the mental part of the game. Coach Chris prepares them mentally and physically! Over the past few years, my son’s development and improvement with Coach chris has been next level. Yes, we can measure improvement based on statistics, which his stats have improved each and every season. but we would much rather measure development based on his passion and love for the game. when you truly love the game, your teammates, and your coaches, you tend to up your level of gameplay! you are not perfect, you will fail at times. but picking yourself and your teammates back up and dusting yourselves off is something only a perfect (for them) coach could teach. I have no doubts coach chris has prepared my son for high school baseball next year and will continue to prepare him for the collegiate level over the next 4 years.

Cynthia Kroll

under coach chris my son has developed quickly in a short period of time. I believe my son always had raw talent, but Coach Chris took that raw talent and shaped him into a true athlete on and off the field. He has also taken out extra time to explain the next steps to my son as well as helped me as a single Mom navigate through this baseball world. My son and I are grateful for Coach Chris and his coaching techniques.

Christie Bernard

Our son Colton is 10, he has been working with ocach chris for almost 2 years. We as parents, are really pleased with Chris. He works with us to find the best way to coach Colton and how to get the best result. Chris has a great knowledge of the rules and technical skills to make Colton better. Colton feels he is an awesome coach, he has taught him to be a better hitter, catcher and leader. The coaching is reflecting on and off the field. We appreciate the mentoring that Colton is receiving from Coach Chris.

Jolene Dolby

chris has devoted his life not only to the sport of baseball but coaching and developing young athletes to compete at a high level. His knowledge of the game and player development is top notch. My son has progressed in baseball while working with Coach Chris more than any other coach before. He has imporved in hitting, fielding, pitching, confidence and overall baseball IQ tremendously. He fosters an environment of practicing with a purpose, which will lead to success. From fundamentals to high level drills, Chris guides his players to be the best they can be, and with that comes a lot of winning....on and off the field.

Tanner McNutt


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213 N Madison

Raymore, mo 64083

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